Inspired by 60s and 70s Fashion and Rock n Roll

Phyllis asked her mother for a gold tooth when she was 3 years old.  Her request was promptly denied. Thus began her lifelong obsession with the molten metal.

Years later she discovered a photo of the Beatles with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.  The vibe, the spirit, the colors, the embroideries……..she had to go to India. When she finally visited years later, everywhere she looked was gold.  And sequins, mirrors, metallic brocades and embroideries.

The vintage textiles were too beautiful, she wanted to wear them every day.  On a whim, she worked with an Indian tailor and made a few bags from antique bedspreads.  Back in New York City, she was cornered by a fashion editor from Harper's Bazaar who demanded to know where she could buy one, and her designs were soon featured in the magazine.  

Today, each bag is hand embroidered by master craftsmen using a technique passed on through generations.  Sadly in the age of computer driven machines, it is becoming difficult to find craftsmen who are willing to do work in this dying art.  

Other inspirations are the "Golden Phase" of Gustav Klimt, anything Jimi Hendrix ever wore, 1960's Ibiza, Dutch design collective "The Fool" (especially the custom guitars they made for Todd Rundgren and Eric Clapton), the original Biba boutique, Rabari tribal women in Gujarat, Barbara Streisand in "A Star is Born", Talitha Getty in Morocco, Martin Sharp's album covers, and the art of Tadanori Yokoo.